About Us

Our Philosophy

Chic stands for Calm, Happy, Individual Care!

We spend as much time as is needed with our clients ensuring that they are relaxed and settled with us, making their experience of grooming a positive one and one that they are happy to come back to. 


We have some clients who can’t wait to get through the door to see us which is very gratifying and makes all the individual time and care taken worthwhile.


Anita Dolby, Founder Chic Grooming

One of my biggest passions throughout my entire life has been my dogs and I wanted to ensure that all of my dogs, (and I have a few!) many of whom are rescue dogs with different needs and temperaments, were as happy when being groomed. 

I have a special interest in needy, disabled or sensitive dogs who need and deserve extra special care and attention and being able to give them the best attention and support that I can in a calm relaxed and caring environment has always been my greatest desire and the reason why Chic now exists.

I studied at Plumpton College in Sussex where I obtained my City and Guilds qualification with distinction. 

The Team 

At present we are a team of three, Anita,  Jasmin and Charlotte. Jasmin and Charlotte are also City & Guilds qualified and have several years' of experience in the salon. 


We are aware of the importance to keep regularly updated on all and anything that the industry has to offer and we maintain the policy of regularly attending seminars on different aspects of dog grooming from specialist head styles to dog behaviour, First Aid, dog massage  or scissoring techniques.

Consequently, at Chic we believe in continuous professional development and we not only attend many courses and seminars but also actively encourage regular in-house training sessions from some of the Industry’s most respected groomers, trainers and Judges.


Chic Grooming is also a Member of the Pet Industry Federation and the British Dog Groomers’ Association

At Chic, We Do Not:

Make Decisions For You 


What is important for each and every groom is what is best for your pet. We will fully discuss what we think you are asking us to do and give you advice as to its appropriateness or otherwise. 


We may suggest things that you have not considered or thought relevant. However, what we do will be your decision unless we believe it to be detrimental for your pet’s wellbeing.

Use Drying Cabinets

All dogs are dried by hand.

Use Cages


As we have tried to convey throughout this website, it is important to us that your pet’s experience is as relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

We try to build trust and a relationship with your pet and we believe the only way we can successfully achieve this is to treat them as one of our own. 

We would not want to cage any of our pets and we would not want to cage any of yours. 

Equally, we have to be mindful of putting at risk your or anyone else’s pet and only as a last resort will we consider the use of a cage at any point during their stay and only if we believe it is for everyone’s safety.