Purrfectly Chic
All Your Cat Grooming Needs

Here at Purrfectly Chic, we love our feline friends as much as our canine clients, but we know that they don’t often like each other very much!


That’s why we have now launched special cat only Purrfectly Chic days, so that your feline friend can be pampered in a completely canine free zone.


We will pamper one cat at a time, giving them lots of cuddles as well as a groom. The salon is in a quiet location and we try to create a home from home experience for all our four legged friends to minimise stress. There won’t be noisy dryers going on in the background; or other animals when your cat comes in, everything is focused on giving them the best experience possible.


Cats are generally good at taking care of their own grooming.  People don't have their cats groomed in the same way or as frequently as they do dogs, but all cats, even short haired cats can benefit from regular grooming. Most cats get used to grooming and generally enjoy it.


Sometimes grooming themselves can become too much for your cat, for reasons such as age, health and the type of coat. Longer haired breeds are prone to matting, but even short haired cats sometimes need a helping hand.


Grooming your cat also provides a chance to check for any signs of ill health or parasites and not only stimulates the circulation and improves muscle tone, but also minimises hairballs in the stomach by removing loose and dead hair. It smoothes down the fur to insulate the body more efficiently and stimulates the glands at the base of the hairs which waterproof the coat.


Purrfectly Chic, provides a calm, relaxing, one on one service with brush outs, clipping out matted areas, bathing, claw clipping, ear and eye cleaning and general trimming of overgrown areas such as around the paws.

Cats will only be groomed on specific days when there will be no dogs in the salon at any time and two groomers will always be in attendance for each cat.

We are unable to give an exact price as there are so many determining factors that we have to consider based on each individual cat, taking into consideration their size, thickness of coat, medical conditions and behaviour.


These factors need to be reviewed on an individual basis as well as considering how much your cat will cope with in a single appointment.


We do not want to cause undue stress or tire them out and often it might be better to agree a series of appointments to ensure that their experience is as pleasurable and as stress free as possible.


Their enjoyment and well being is as important as the pleasure you will get when you see how gorgeous they will look and feel when we are finished