The Full Groom


Pre-bath brush through to remove old hair and debris

Hand massaged/bathed with 2 shampoos

Dried using hand dryers

Your pet will be styled according to the care and style plan agreed.

Pads trimmed

Hygiene area trimmed

Nails clipped

Ears cleaned

Hand Stripping


Hand stripping is a breed standard technique which maintains the texture and colour of predominately wire haired breeds. 

The suitability and whether hand stripping is appropriate for your dog will be discussed with you and agreed. 

Hand stripping, as effective as it is in appearance terms, may not always be the right treatment for your dog.

Once agreed, this treatment will also include as part of the service

Bath with 2 shampoos, Dried, using hand dryers, Pads trimmed, Hygiene area trimmed, Nails clipped, Ears cleaned

Free Consultation 


What is important to us is knowing what is important to you, so we offer an initial free consultation where we will not only meet and get to know your pet but equally get to know and meet you. 


We can then discuss and better understand what you would like, and if need be, give you the benefit of our professional advice and experience as to what may not only be better for your pet but what we think may actually improve the groom and possibly their wellbeing. 


Equally, we can discuss any medical or behavioural issues and agree on a strategy for moving forward. This service is provided with no obligation.

Bath and Brush 


Pre-bath brush through to remove old hair and debris

Bathed with 2 shampoos

Dried using hand dryers

Bath and Brush and Trim


Pre-bath brush through to remove old hair and debris

Bathed with 2 shampoos

Dried using hand dryers

Pads and feet trimmed

Nails clipped if necessary 

Bottom tidied 

Eyes and fringe tidied

Armpits clipped out (if needed)

Puppy Introductions

It is important to introduce your puppy to grooming as early as possible.


When your puppy comes in to the salon he/she will experience both the sounds and the variety of smells (both human and dog). They will get used to the sound of the dryers, being handled by someone unknown to them, ride up and down on the grooming table, while at the same time enjoying treats and special attention. This will help them associate the grooming salon and groomer with a positive experience.

Puppy Introductions Include

Bathed with 2 shampoos|Dried using hand dryers|Hair around eyes trimmed Pads and feet trimmed|Nails clipped|Ears cleaned|Hygiene area cleaned|Bottom tidied

Appointment Policy


We are sure you will appreciate that as every appointment is made for an allocated time, we would ask you to arrive and collect promptly, to be fair to both your dogs and other clients.


We respectfully request that you give us at least 24 hours' notice for any cancellations and/or rebooking. Should we not be notified, a last-minute cancellation charge and/or no-show charge will be incurred.

We fully understand, more so now in these very difficult and uncertain times, that what we all do and when we do it, can never be guaranteed. All we ask that we are given as much notice as possible if for any reason there is a need to amend or cancel a booking. 

We will try to assist in this by sending out reminder emails or texts at least 48 hours before your booking.  However, in the event that we don’t receive 48 hours’ notice of any cancellation or a no show, we will then have no option than to reserve the right to add 50% of the initial grooming cost onto your next booking/groom.


We do, however, accept that some things are outside of everyone's control, so the 50% cancellation fee will be discretionary as we would like to avoid passing these costs onto you, but under these difficult circumstances, we can no longer continue to absorb the costs and overheads generated as a result of a no show/last-minute cancellation.